Traces of the Forest on My Second Skin

26 September 2014

Traces of the Forest on My Second Skin


Conceived not necessarily for natural color enthusiastics, but for artists -as a profession or by nature it doesn’t matter- the workshop crosses the way of natural dyeing and printing as single-seater space shuttles, ready to drive along an adventurous journey, solitary but spelt by collective times and spaces. Individual perception and collective dimension actually are the two poles of the globe participants will travel along free routes, the log will be in cloth, leaves barks lichens berries and roots as a pen, in the inkpot they’ll have the colorants we’ll extract together. A narration through symbols to bring out of the body by the means of a garment, the most free, instinctive, meaningful possible.

Thu–Mon 23–27 October 2014, 7:00–12:00 and 14:00–18:00

The workshop aims to explore plant archetypes, taking as its starting point the shapes and dyeing properties of plant “beings“ in the Brzezinka forest. Participants will set out in the morning into the forest to closely observe and subtly connect with the leaves, twigs, barks, cones, berries, roots and lichens. They will be instructed how to identify the dyeing properties of different plant parts, and will collect material whose form and colour will be later transferred onto natural fabrics. They will also learn how to prepare the plants for dyeing and how to extract colours and apply them onto various fabrics. Towards the evening, introspective activities will be favoured to enable focusing on the different ways of resonating with the experience and to symbolize it using stitched marks on naturally printed fabrics. An instinctive free-form garment will be sewn, intended as a ritual second skin.

Participants are requested to bring along undyed natural fabrics. The details of what and how many fabrics are required will be provided after registration.


  • the workshop will be held in Englis
  • the number of places is limited


  • mrs Beata Wrońska at
  • please visit the Grotowski Institute website at to download the application form and send it completed to Beata Wrońska at
  • by 5 October 2014

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