Daylight on the exhibition

13 November 2013

Daylight on the exhibition

As in the best fairy tales one single tolling was enough for Midnight to bear away the Nottenera preview, its many guests, so dedicated and captivated during my introduction, the emotions and winces, for instance when Mr Paul took literally my invitation to come in a physical contact with clothes and, his hands onto the white pieces in the heart of the installation, declaimed aloud a poem he himself wrote, incredibly close to the meaning of the art work, to my thoughts that night…

The moments all, from the few I had in hand to create the installation and come on in a hurry till the launch evening at Museo Omero, was leaned against each other as frames of a film rewinded much, too much tight as soon as lights switched off and doors held back the amused whispering of my natural prints into the room, me out.

Wanted to come back to the royal palace in the daylight.

Unlike the tradition of the fairy tales, however, it was not Prince Charming to bring me there with his carriage… it was Francesco, the photographer Francesco Cesaroni, who put tripods and flashes in my hands, instead of the crystal shoe! I confess that this strong detachment from the script it didn’t mind me at all, my interest in photography as an expressive tool grows every day , it became research and studying, so the role of apprentice suited me immediately. Gosh, I don’t think that a respectable photographer in training should show up himself to the set with an iPad instead of an all-out reflex camera… but you already realized that I had the boldness to do that!

It came out of this a photo album with more than three hundred images, among those professional of him and mine… amateur, yes, but up to? Tell me yourself!

Here in the gallery a selection of Francesco’s photos.


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