Connecting Identities, my inalienable for Nottenera 2013

11 November 2013

Connecting Identities, my inalienable for Nottenera 2013

November, now I recognize you… it’s difficult to distinguish the even slightest variation of shades in the flat gray of this blanket of clouds, rain and wind ruffle the town, but -irony- they bring a new order into my thoughts… as a dense dirty padding, pushed against the air that lashes the buildings, this grayness keeps away the sky and forces to the ground, where water molders memories, and ruins the shell of a seed…

The seed of the inalienable, what you’re ready to choose for, to risk.

I couldn’t tell how long this seed stayed still, hidden by the oblivion of a lengthy winter. I can say when I perceived it starting to germinate, instead.

Within the crackle whirlwind launched by a dearest friend and artist who introduced me to a dearest friend of her and curator, it’s spring when, in the afternoon of some month later, I find myself on the floor of the studio talking with an absolutely stimulating pair of characters. They’re Federico Bomba, founder and director of Sineglossa company, and Sabrina Maggiori, bright curator of local cultural events. Immediately it springs of it that I’m involved in the experimental project Jes! to lead a workshop dedicated to the creative use of natural colors on textiles. Do you remember a July post where I presented the projects my brilliant students exhibited during the summer Jes!Day? Well, the series of appointments with the Jes! workshop is still going on when Sabrina, as art director of the festival Nottenera at its 7th edition, commits me the privilege to liven up the preview event.

It’s from this invitation that Connecting Identities, RmS #3 is born, a site specific installation that wanders about the inalienable. Inalienable by choice, inalienable because that’s what it is, simply, unavoidably.

As a preview event of Nottenera 2013, Connecting Identities has been exhibited in the rooms of the exquisite Museo Tattile Statale Omero in Ancona, which hosted my installation for long including it in its summer festival Sensi d’Estate. The art work also received the contribution of curator Federica Mariani, who tailored a review, and artist Chris Rocchegiani who gifted my heart with a little gem in the shape of full words.

I’ll be back to write on this seed and its fragile germinating in the next days, and again. Now there’re important thanks to spend. To my mum, who always assists me as just the best specialist could do. My family, the greatest gift. Federico and Sabrina, wishing to collaborate who knows how many times more. President Aldo Grassini, Giulia Cester and the whole team at Museo Omero for their warm hospitality. Alessandra Panzini of Marchingegno for having precious relationship woven together. Laila Farm from Corinaldo, which kindly offered an aperitif to the preview guests. Heartfelt thanks.

Below in the gallery some of the shots taken during the preview evening, last 24 of July, by Francesco Conti for Nottenera and Mercedeh Imani for Museo Omero! Thanks to you as well!


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