Textiles are the medium that unravels my wandering, searching for provisional balances. Sculptural surface capable of strong tactile
and visual impressions, in its more natural and less artificial forms it attracts me because it ably summarizes many aspects of my nature:
order, rigor, but also pliability, the surrender to the empty space, penetrability. Shield from the world or canvas where to represent
signs and drawings of my perception, in close contact with the body by instinct they become a dress, a second skin that swings
between chosen and imposed role, among acknowledge forms and unconscious signs. In and out of the cloth the thread movement draws the
story, laying down the narration rhythm. Slowed down by the stitching hand, it becomes a hypnotic tune that carries elsewhere, it opens
itself to possible changes of direction and asks every senses to pay attention.

I search for unaffected images, genuinely expressing what I am in the moment I am. Applying with innate care and often insane self-criticism
my ripened knowledge, yet with obstinacy I shrink from virtuosity, technical rigidity, any -ism which cages exploration and clouds the contents,
the meaning dimension, the vibration underlying the formal impulse. I confess a visceral preference for details, little particulars, the slight
line that I like to subtract from the fleeting glance. I indulge in thinking, which loves to observe and strives for comprehension.
I feel it in action when I look through the lens of my camera, by which silently I explore the relationship that triggers off among me,
my object and the space we both pulsate within in a binary pace. Referring to Nature is a survival strategy, the compass that goes along
the foot, specially when everything around pressures over measure. From it I draw honest breaths, symbols and colours.

I was born in Jesi, an industrious small city in the middle est of Italy, in 1973.
I received a classical education in my hometown well-respected high school, then I deepened my precocious interest in the History and
Archaeology of the Ancient Middle East at the Alma Mater Studiorum University in Bologna. Courageous choices, responding to instinct far
more than convenience, led me to change again and again the apparent direction of the path, in which the space I assure my own family
is always fundamental and overriding.
I began to taste the incisive power of hand expressiveness by holding threads, yarns and clothes, stitch, crochet and knitting
needles among fingers when I was only a little child, thanks to the skilful example of mum and grandmas. Going forward I had the
chance to improve techniques and knowledge also by meeting with renowned artists and practitioners, among whom I’m pleased to mention
Mirjam Pet Jacobs, India Flint, Rossella Cilano, Chris Conrad, Michel Garcia, Yoshiko Wada, Dorothy Caldwell, Rosalba Pepi.
A place aside belongs to Pietrina Atzori, a friend of soul and needles to whom I owe a lot as I grow a wiser woman and an always shrinking artist.
Participation in FOOD Happening for Pepelab, Jesi (Italy)

2nd VIVERE Naturalmente, Navelli (Italy)

6th International Biennial Exhibition on Mini Textile, Kherson (Ukraine)
-juried, collective-

Viaggi brevi per un altrove, Museo Diocesano Jesi (Italy)

Workshop Recycling_Design_Dyeing for Jes!

Anteprima Nottenera at Rassegna Sensi d’Estate, Museo Tattile Statale Omero, Ancona (Italy)

4th Land Art Sant’Anna del Furlo (Italy)

Performance at the meeting “Hemp: all you should know”, Jesi (Italy)

3rd Land Art Sant’Anna del Furlo (Italy)

7th Natural Dyeing Biennale in Aichi (Japan)
-juried, collective- Second Prize Winner

1st Land Art Sant’Anna del Furlo (Italy)